How I Got Kicked Off Twitter

“I got fired last year in Las Vegas from the Frontier Hotel for saying ‘shit’, in a town where the big game is called ‘crap’.” –George Carlin, FM & AM So, a lot’s been happening to me over the past however long it’s been since I last said something here. I’m deep into rehearsal for… Continue reading How I Got Kicked Off Twitter

On Fandom

The release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, which I haven’t seen and am feeling little-to-no temptation to see, got me thinking about my relationship with the things I claim to be a fan of. Of course, we identify ourselves to others (and to ourselves) through our fandoms. The cultural products we consume are synecdoche… Continue reading On Fandom

Introversion, the Literary Community, and Me

Meghan Tift wrote a piece in The Atlantic called “The Agony of Community” that got me thinking about my own relationship, or lack of it, with the Seattle literary community. Whether we’re behind the podium or awaiting our turn, numbing our bottoms on the chill of metal foldout chairs or trying to work some life into our… Continue reading Introversion, the Literary Community, and Me

Ten Things To Remember In the Wake of Super Bowl Disappointment (Pass the Paxil)

The Patriots won the Super Bowl. As always one can look to The Onion‘s brilliant headlines for a comforting chuckle: “Patriots Super Bowl Win Provides Storybook Ending To NFL Credibility.” Presumably Roger Goodell, the Senator Geary of the NFL, will soon help the Patriots whitewash their cheating scandal, and the air will stink of the farts of a… Continue reading Ten Things To Remember In the Wake of Super Bowl Disappointment (Pass the Paxil)

Feeling Deflated

So, the New England Patriots were caught playing with deflated footballs in the AFC Championship Game. While we wait for their inevitable excuse–my money’s on a reprise of Bill Belichick’s “We misinterpreted the rule” statement from Spygate–and for another inexplicably light punishment from Roger Goodell, I think I’ll take the opportunity to revise and extend… Continue reading Feeling Deflated

Robin Williams, An Appreciation

The first great stand up comedian I ever saw was Robin Williams. When I was ten or eleven, my parents let me watch my first uncensored comedy show, a rerun of his 1978 performance. If you haven’t seen it you should seek it out. I’m not sure how to find it on HBO–I’m not a… Continue reading Robin Williams, An Appreciation