Astronomy Photos For Halloween 2019

Nothing spooky here, I’m afraid, just two young open star clusters. M39, the larger-looking (though not actually larger) triangular open cluster, lies a few degrees north and east of Deneb. It’s the elder cluster here at 300 million years old. The second cluster, Caldwell 16, lies in the constellation Lacerta, west of M39. It’s only… Continue reading Astronomy Photos For Halloween 2019

A Ghost Story (of sorts)

Now that I have enough published stories out to make recording them for podcast worthwhile, I’ve begun. (Of course, “Stanny Couldn’t Make It” is already available, to your left. I’ll be re-releasing that on the podcast feed sometime down the line.) The first one is well suited for Halloween. It is “The Curious Legend of… Continue reading A Ghost Story (of sorts)

Notes On “Emmitt’s Homecoming Runs Into Second Act Problems”

“Emmitt’s Homecoming Runs Into Second Act Problems” is the second Emmitt story from the Zezverse. (He’s first mentioned in “The Day Molly Got Into The Room”, but he doesn’t appear there.) In his first appearance, “Meeting the Creature”, he makes his acquaintance with Howard Zez. It doesn’t go well, and Howard still doesn’t know that… Continue reading Notes On “Emmitt’s Homecoming Runs Into Second Act Problems”