Why I Take Trump Personally

This was my Dad, seven decades ago:   He shattered his leg jumping out of a plane just like that one during the Second World War. He studied chemistry. He built rockets, and helped U.S. intelligence figure out how the Soviets were building theirs. He shepherded me to adulthood. He faced racism, both subtle and gross, his… Continue reading Why I Take Trump Personally

The Writing Life: Keep Me Away From Civilization V

Last night, I really did start out wanting to work on revisions for the new book. I did, Mom, honest and for true. I know I have a grant application coming due in a couple of weeks and I need the samples to be good, but somehow, I got started on my nemesis, Civilization V,… Continue reading The Writing Life: Keep Me Away From Civilization V

My Publisher’s Going Bye-Bye

Obviously, this is an enormous inconvenience for me. I had another book under contract with them and now I have to hawk up a new publisher–a pain I was not looking forward to revisiting. Of course, I’m grateful to those at Booktrope who worked with me and sad it can’t continue. But it can’t, so… Continue reading My Publisher’s Going Bye-Bye

On Fandom

The release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, which I haven’t seen and am feeling little-to-no temptation to see, got me thinking about my relationship with the things I claim to be a fan of. Of course, we identify ourselves to others (and to ourselves) through our fandoms. The cultural products we consume are synecdoche… Continue reading On Fandom

Wherein Jim Responds To the Movie Love Questionnaire

Maybe I ought to speak to my therapist about my inability to pass up answering one of these interview-like questionnaires. This one comes from Roger Ebert’s website. You can read critic Matt Zoller Seitz’s answers here. Here are mine. (Write yours in comments or on Facebook or in Tweets or on your own damned blog.)… Continue reading Wherein Jim Responds To the Movie Love Questionnaire