Things I Could’ve Done Without 7/11/2019

Now that I’m back to blogging regularly again, I thought I’d start some regular features. I’m busy, so they’ll be weekly. I’ll have astronomy pictures on Tuesday–as many fresh ones as I can manage, but some will be reprocessed during cloudy periods. On Wednesdays, I’ll open a discussion of a short story. The next one… Continue reading Things I Could’ve Done Without 7/11/2019

How I Got Kicked Off Twitter

“I got fired last year in Las Vegas from the Frontier Hotel for saying ‘shit’, in a town where the big game is called ‘crap’.” –George Carlin, FM & AM So, a lot’s been happening to me over the past however long it’s been since I last said something here. I’m deep into rehearsal for… Continue reading How I Got Kicked Off Twitter

Why I Take Trump Personally

This was my Dad, seven decades ago:   He shattered his leg jumping out of a plane just like that one during the Second World War. He studied chemistry. He built rockets, and helped U.S. intelligence figure out how the Soviets were building theirs. He shepherded me to adulthood. He faced racism, both subtle and gross, his… Continue reading Why I Take Trump Personally