Notes On “Emmitt’s Homecoming Runs Into Second Act Problems”

“Emmitt’s Homecoming Runs Into Second Act Problems” is the second Emmitt story from the Zezverse. (He’s first mentioned in “The Day Molly Got Into The Room”, but he doesn’t appear there.) In his first appearance, “Meeting the Creature”, he makes his acquaintance with Howard Zez. It doesn’t go well, and Howard still doesn’t know that… Continue reading Notes On “Emmitt’s Homecoming Runs Into Second Act Problems”

Fiction Discussion Wednesday—The Lottery

I decided to pick this story because of a discussion with my host here on Whidbey Island on the appeal of horror fiction. I talked about how horror, at its best, lets us grapple with the darkest implications of our political, social, and philosophical ideas. I used “The Lottery” which has in it a wealth… Continue reading Fiction Discussion Wednesday—The Lottery