Which Movie Character Would Trump Be?

It’s been a miserable 24 hours, so to cheer up a bit, but only a bit, I started thinking about which movie character best represents Trump. I mean, sure, there’s this guy from a 1930s German film… But he’s not a character, exactly. Who to pick? Who to pick? I think whoever it is has… Continue reading Which Movie Character Would Trump Be?

42 Since ’71 (Part 1)

Julia Sweeney, she of Saturday Night Live and Letting Go Of God, describes a fun idea for a best movie list in her latest blog post: I went on a Mike Leigh bender during May – I’ve seen all those films before, but it was lovely to see them again. Topsy Turvy is one of my all-time favorite films.  The… Continue reading 42 Since ’71 (Part 1)

Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

Daniel Inouye died yesterday. I saw him in person at a small Democratic party event in 2004–it was so small it was held in a classroom–and I not only got to hear him speak but also to meet him. A charming man, he made a better case for John Kerry that year than John Kerry… Continue reading Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?