Dear Bibi Netanyahu Bibi, Here’s what you said, according to the Times of Israel: During an address Tuesday to delegates at the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, Netanyahu posited that the Nazi fuehrer did not initially intend to annihilate the Jews, but rather sought to expel them from Europe. According to the prime minister’s version of the events,… Continue reading Dear Bibi Netanyahu

No. Hitler Was Not A Genius

Over last weekend, I became embroiled in a conversation about Adolf Hitler–an occupational hazard–that included this question, directed at me, “Do you think Hitler was a genius?” No. To revise and extend my answer, I’ll concede that Adolf Hitler was a man with some superlative features. His capacity for hatred knew no bounds. He was… Continue reading No. Hitler Was Not A Genius

Nazism and Conspiracy Theory

Our lords and masters became our lords and masters through conspiracy…and the odd murder. The only way they can justify that to themselves, since they don’t want to think of themselves as greedy, power hungry bastards, is to imagine that they have to conspire because there’s a much larger conspiracy trying to destroy them. The… Continue reading Nazism and Conspiracy Theory