The Wannsee Conference

Yesterday wasn’t just Martin Luther King Day. It was also 51st anniversary of the Wannsee Conference. A lot of people lazily describe this event as the meeting at which the Nazis decided the fate of European Jews. But the fate of the Jews had already been decided, in meetings between Hitler and Himmler where no… Continue reading The Wannsee Conference

The Goebbels Diaries

The quote in the last post from Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels on the Louis/Schmeling fight was one I remembered from The Goebbels Experiment, a documentary made by First Run Features (who also gave us The Architecture of Doom, which I’ve talked about elsewhere). I haven’t done a profile of Goebbels for this blog, primarily because he played no… Continue reading The Goebbels Diaries

Movies of the Weekend

Seen this weekend: Panic (2000): William H. Macy plays a hit man whose visit to a psychologist puts him in direct conflict with his capo father, played by Donald Sutherland. It’s a story about a man trying desperately to escape one part of his life, organized crime, while maintaining some connection to his family life,… Continue reading Movies of the Weekend