The Tegernsee, Heinrich Himmler, and the Night of the Long Knives

The Tegernsee proves once again that, whatever else one might think of the Nazi leadership, they had taste in real estate. A picturesque lake south of Munich, framed by mountains and towns that bring to mind the middle ages, the Tegernsee seems like the sort of lake from whose waters a lady’s hand, proffering a… Continue reading The Tegernsee, Heinrich Himmler, and the Night of the Long Knives

Was There A Nazi Personality?

One of my Facebook friends posted about a book that led to my thinking about this issue. Here’s the exchange:   Now I’d like to revise and extend my remarks on the subject, just a bit. If there’d been such a thing as a Nazi personality, my job as a novelist writing about the Nazi… Continue reading Was There A Nazi Personality?

Louis vs. Schmeling I: June 19th, 1936

Louis vs. Schmeling was hardly the first time race and racism mattered in boxing (see Jack Johnson, among others), and it wouldn’t be the last. But the stakes both in this fight and in their rematch two years later, were unique in boxing history. These two athletes became avatars for not only black vs. white,… Continue reading Louis vs. Schmeling I: June 19th, 1936

Marriage In The Third Reich

Because the building of a pure, highly populous Aryan racial community was central to the Nazi gospel, the Nazis were obsessed with driving women out of the professions and into marriages which would produce large numbers of children. According to the ABC of National Sociialism: German women wish in the main to be wives and mothers,… Continue reading Marriage In The Third Reich