His Haughtiness

David Brooks, the aggressively moderate swell who writes aggressively moderate columns for The New York Times, is seldom so entertaining as when he gets haughty. It affronts him when people of any other political persuasion but his own make mock of his helpful suggestions on how to put the world right–well, center right, anyway–so he gets… Continue reading His Haughtiness

With All Due Respect, Fuck Civility

Occasionally, I make a dreadful life mistake and I read a pundit. I know, disgusting habit. I’m trying to quit, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. (Maybe pundits are lacing their columns with extra nicotine, like Brown and Williamson. Someone should look into that.) And so it was that I read Marc Theissen’s Washington… Continue reading With All Due Respect, Fuck Civility

You Too Can Be A Public Lunatic–A Reading List

Do you feel like no one’s listening to you? Are you ignored at parties, in meetings, or during GOP Presidential Debates? Is it your wardrobe? Your breath? No. The real trouble is… YOU’RE JUST TOO SANE! Don’t worry. Despite the best efforts of Fox News and Glen Beck, a disquietingly high percentage of the U.S.… Continue reading You Too Can Be A Public Lunatic–A Reading List