The Week in Weak

So here’s what we weak this week. Marco Rubio Blows A Main Spring Marco Rubio, candidate beloved of pundits and exhibit B for why I’m disappointed with my generation’s offerings this election season, looked like he was clear to impress establishment GOP voters and become the less-obviously-hateful alternative to Trump and Cruz. But in the debate… Continue reading The Week in Weak

Willis Carto, Sugar Daddy to Holocaust Deniers, Is Dead

From the SPLC: According to reports from white nationalists, Willis Carto, a man active on the radical right for more than 60 years, has died, aged 89. Carto was one of the most active and influential white nationalists of the past century and leaves behind a legacy of vile racial hatred, especially towards Jews. He… Continue reading Willis Carto, Sugar Daddy to Holocaust Deniers, Is Dead

“Something very worrying is happening in France.”

Writing Summer of Long Knives meant spending a lot of time immersed in the crimes of the Nazi regime. It would be pleasant to imagine that those crimes, and the mindset behind them, are museum pieces now, to be studied with the same puzzlement we would a Canopic jar, but recent articles about the rise of… Continue reading “Something very worrying is happening in France.”

Nazism and Conspiracy Theory

Our lords and masters became our lords and masters through conspiracy…and the odd murder. The only way they can justify that to themselves, since they don’t want to think of themselves as greedy, power hungry bastards, is to imagine that they have to conspire because there’s a much larger conspiracy trying to destroy them. The… Continue reading Nazism and Conspiracy Theory