Things I Can Do Without For 7/19/2019

It’s been a busy week in things that I think suck, from Trump’s racist rallies to this summer’s persistent annoying cloudiness, it’s time for Things I Can Do Without…* 1. Cloudiness. Yes, I know. We’ve all seen the damn meme. And I will thank you not to refer to me as “old man”. At any… Continue reading Things I Can Do Without For 7/19/2019

Fiction Discussion Wednesday—The Lottery

I decided to pick this story because of a discussion with my host here on Whidbey Island on the appeal of horror fiction. I talked about how horror, at its best, lets us grapple with the darkest implications of our political, social, and philosophical ideas. I used “The Lottery” which has in it a wealth… Continue reading Fiction Discussion Wednesday—The Lottery

Things I Could’ve Done Without 7/11/2019

Now that I’m back to blogging regularly again, I thought I’d start some regular features. I’m busy, so they’ll be weekly. I’ll have astronomy pictures on Tuesday–as many fresh ones as I can manage, but some will be reprocessed during cloudy periods. On Wednesdays, I’ll open a discussion of a short story. The next one… Continue reading Things I Could’ve Done Without 7/11/2019

How I Got Kicked Off Twitter

“I got fired last year in Las Vegas from the Frontier Hotel for saying ‘shit’, in a town where the big game is called ‘crap’.” –George Carlin, FM & AM So, a lot’s been happening to me over the past however long it’s been since I last said something here. I’m deep into rehearsal for… Continue reading How I Got Kicked Off Twitter