Dr. Kritzinger’s 12 O’Clock Show Dates

I finally have show dates for Dr. Kritzinger’s 12 O’Clock. They are May 15th, 16th, 22nd, and 23rd at 7:30pm May 17th and 24th at 2:00pm. Tickets are available from Burien Actors Theatre. They’ll also get you in to the full length show that follows, a play called Four Gone Conclusions that I’m looking forward to checking… Continue reading Dr. Kritzinger’s 12 O’Clock Show Dates

A Brief, Happy Announcement

The Burien Actors Theatre, a small but well respected professional company in these parts, has decided to give my one-act play, Dr. Kritzinger’s 2 O’Clock first prize in the One-Act category of the Bill and Peggy Hunt Playwrights Festival. This means the show will go up six times between May 1st and May 25th, that I will… Continue reading A Brief, Happy Announcement

The Wannsee Conference

Yesterday wasn’t just Martin Luther King Day. It was also 51st anniversary of the Wannsee Conference. A lot of people lazily describe this event as the meeting at which the Nazis decided the fate of European Jews. But the fate of the Jews had already been decided, in meetings between Hitler and Himmler where no… Continue reading The Wannsee Conference