Re: The Year Just Past

The publication of Dismantle the Sun and the death of my father serve as the headline events for my 2012. I am pleased my Dad made it long enough to know that the book was out, but regret that he was in no condition to actually read the damned thing. So it goes. The election… Continue reading Re: The Year Just Past


Warning: Here be spoilers. Let’s get obligatory stuff out of the way first. Contra the blurbsters, Skyfall is not the best Bond movie ever made. At 145 minutes, Skyfall’s pacing gets baggy at times. (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, a comparable picture that runs 133 minutes, feels tighter.) And when the gamekeeper uses his flashlight to guide M… Continue reading Skyfall

My Favorite Spy Movies

The release of Skyfall, which I haven’t seen yet, prompted me to reflect on my favorite spy movies. They are, in no particular order… North By Northwest: A couple of weeks ago I watched a restored print of this Hitchcock classic, and I renewed my appreciation for a master at work. The setups, the angles, the… Continue reading My Favorite Spy Movies