A Ghost Story (of sorts)

Now that I have enough published stories out to make recording them for podcast worthwhile, I’ve begun. (Of course, “Stanny Couldn’t Make It” is already available, to your left. I’ll be re-releasing that on the podcast feed sometime down the line.) The first one is well suited for Halloween. It is “The Curious Legend of… Continue reading A Ghost Story (of sorts)

Why I Love Reading Reviews of Bad Movies

It has a lot to do with passages like this one, taken from the Village Voice’s Allen Scherstuhl’s review of Altas Shrugged III: Your Rail, My Steel. One of the workers, the sexy un-impoverished-looking one, catches her eye. It’s John Galt (Kristoffer Polaha), the Harlequin Romance hunk who runs that VIP colony in the Rockies and… Continue reading Why I Love Reading Reviews of Bad Movies