Should You Outline Your Next Novel?

I don’t write a ton of stuff on literary craft here. (I haven’t blogged a whole lot period in the last couple of months, I know.) But the Twitter chat I had with Ann B. Gelder, who spends a lot more time blogging about craft than I do, should prove of some interest to those… Continue reading Should You Outline Your Next Novel?

You’ve Been Rejected. Just Accept It.

I’ve received a ton, and sent a ton out. Rejection slips: one of nature’s most concentrated forms of pain. There are many ways to respond to rejection slips. Lynne Barrett at The Review Review provides us with the most important DON’T: Do not take the rejection slip, underline words or phrases on it, and send it… Continue reading You’ve Been Rejected. Just Accept It.

My Advice to Young Writers

Been away doing literary editor stuff. (To MMIP fans–all two of them–soon my pets, soon.) Now that I’m back, let’s get into what I’ve been pondering: Jeffrey Eugenides’s Advice To Young Writers, which struck me as a fairly ordinary bit of writing advice that probably assumes too much about what drives young writers to get into… Continue reading My Advice to Young Writers