My Social Media Rules

It occurs to me, after several years of blogging and posting stuff on social media, that I never laid out the rules of my game. This matters primarily to people who hope I might friend or follow them. (Some people really are that deranged. I know.) So I thought I’d spill it. 1. The Will-I-Follow-Or-Friend rules… Continue reading My Social Media Rules

My Favorite Nimoy Performances on Star Trek

I noticed in the aftermath of Leonard Nimoy’s death that a few in my Twitter-orbit went out and screened “Spock’s Brain” as part of their mourning process. While I’m not saying here that a person should never watch “Spock’s Brain”–I’ll say that elsewhere, but not here, it’s tantamount to mourning Shakespeare’s death by screening King John… Continue reading My Favorite Nimoy Performances on Star Trek

The Stories We Told After Adolf Eichmann’s Capture

Six days from now we’ll have reached the 44th anniversary of the Mossad’s capture of SS Lt. Colonel Adolf Eichmann, who’d been hiding in Argentina since the end of World War II. His arrest and trial were international sensations, rekindling interest in other Holocaust perpetrators who had eluded justice, and providing storytellers with a new trope:… Continue reading The Stories We Told After Adolf Eichmann’s Capture

AVClub’s 10 Essential Trek Episodes

I quibbled a bit, actually a lot, with their list of MST3K episodes, but the only complaint I have about the AVClub’s Star Trek list is the inclusion of the Season 3 episode “Spock’s Brain”, an episode I haven’t seen since high school and haven’t missed. If Zach Handlen were to compose a list of… Continue reading AVClub’s 10 Essential Trek Episodes