Just Who Is Trump Anyway?

  The strange, orange man giving a prime time speech tonight has been described in many ways. To his fans, he’s a brilliant businessman, a winner, a smart negotiator, a populist, “one of us”. To most other people he’s a bigot, a misogynist, a fraud, a charlatan, a pathological narcissist, a sociopath. You can guess… Continue reading Just Who Is Trump Anyway?

The Week in Weak

Here are the weakest things that caught my attention this week. Getting too Happy That Trump Lost A Slate piece captures the attitude: “Donald Trump Lost the Iowa Caucus. Good job, America.” Man, don’t be patting America, or at least the 150,000 or so very white people in it who voted their preference for Ted… Continue reading The Week in Weak

My Social Media Rules

It occurs to me, after several years of blogging and posting stuff on social media, that I never laid out the rules of my game. This matters primarily to people who hope I might friend or follow them. (Some people really are that deranged. I know.) So I thought I’d spill it. 1. The Will-I-Follow-Or-Friend rules… Continue reading My Social Media Rules