2014: The Year In Things That Didn’t Suck

The general consensus is that 2014 sucked for many reasons. My lame list includes everything from the Congressional election results, to money woes, to the Oakland Raiders’ Commitment to Excrement, to my recent bout of shingles. But 2014 didn’t serve up only stinkburgers. There were some aspects of this year that I actually liked. I’ll… Continue reading 2014: The Year In Things That Didn’t Suck

Lezlie Moore’s 30 Since ’84

A while back, inspired by the light sketch comedian, one-woman show genius, and greatest sword in all of France Julia Sweeney, I compiled a list of my forty-two favorite movies since the year of my birth, 1971. (With my birthday coming up, Hollywood is sadly NOT desperately sending me gift baskets and gewgaws in hopes of… Continue reading Lezlie Moore’s 30 Since ’84

42 Since ’71 (Part 1)

Julia Sweeney, she of Saturday Night Live and Letting Go Of God, describes a fun idea for a best movie list in her latest blog post: I went on a Mike Leigh bender during May – I’ve seen all those films before, but it was lovely to see them again. Topsy Turvy is one of my all-time favorite films.  The… Continue reading 42 Since ’71 (Part 1)

Dudes and Doubitability

Reading Rebecca Watson’s Slate article on sexism and sexual harassment in the skeptical community depressed me this morning. (And with a cold coming on and a car in the shop, I wasn’t in the market for anything more to be depressed about.) I don’t consider myself a member of the skeptic community, or indeed, of… Continue reading Dudes and Doubitability