2014: The Year In Things That Didn’t Suck

The general consensus is that 2014 sucked for many reasons. My lame list includes everything from the Congressional election results, to money woes, to the Oakland Raiders’ Commitment to Excrement, to my recent bout of shingles. But 2014 didn’t serve up only stinkburgers. There were some aspects of this year that I actually liked. I’ll… Continue reading 2014: The Year In Things That Didn’t Suck

42 Since ’71 (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1. Last week I covered the first ten of the list of my forty-two favorite movies made since the year of my birth, 1971. Here’s the next part of that list. Raiders of the Lost Ark: I know this movie was meant to be an homage to the old chapter play… Continue reading 42 Since ’71 (Part 2)

The Things I’ve Seen (April 2014 Edition)

Here’s what I viddied on a screen in April 2014. Gravity: A spectacular real-time (or close enough) story of survival. I admired Sandra Bullock’s performance as a rookie astronaut struggling to live long enough to make her way back to Earth after one disaster touches off a regularly scheduled spate of subsidiary disasters. Definitely worth… Continue reading The Things I’ve Seen (April 2014 Edition)