Writers: Having Trouble Facing Rejection?

Rejection. All I have to do is write the word and everyone looks at their shoes and says “Yeah.” And don’t believe anyone who says “Rejection never bothers me.” You really shouldn’t. Those people are psychopaths. They’ll wait ’till you leave your house, burgle it, then come back later and say, “Being robbed sucks, don’t… Continue reading Writers: Having Trouble Facing Rejection?

A Totally Unsolicited Endorsement

Actor Mike Bowers worked with the MMIP on Denial and on a live reading for our short story reading series. He’s about to make a run into Los Angeles and will be blogging his upcoming adventure. Actor’s (B)log will provide some consolation for those of us in Seattle who savored Mike’s performances; though we’ll be deprived of… Continue reading A Totally Unsolicited Endorsement