42 Since ’71 (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1. Last week I covered the first ten of the list of my forty-two favorite movies made since the year of my birth, 1971. Here’s the next part of that list. Raiders of the Lost Ark: I know this movie was meant to be an homage to the old chapter play… Continue reading 42 Since ’71 (Part 2)

The Things I’ve Seen (in March)

My movie diet was a little thin in March, but there were still good titles in there, a couple of disappointments, and one film that caused DEEP HURTING. The Good: Taxi Driver: An iconic picture and one of Scorsese’s many towering achievements. See it. Rififi: If you haven’t seen the Criterion Collection’s DVD or Blu-Ray… Continue reading The Things I’ve Seen (in March)