The Week in Weak

Here are the weakest things that caught my attention this week. Getting too Happy That Trump Lost A Slate piece captures the attitude: “Donald Trump Lost the Iowa Caucus. Good job, America.” Man, don’t be patting America, or at least the 150,000 or so very white people in it who voted their preference for Ted… Continue reading The Week in Weak

How Long Do You Want Me To Be Scared?

Accorting to Slate, Michael Robbins’s Slate book review of Atheists: The Origin of the Species is one of Slate‘s more circulated articles, probably because few subjects (except porn) drive traffic as much as atheist trolling. (Maybe atheist trolling porn… Excuse me, I’ve got to open a new Bluehost account.) I’ll leave it to others to produce more comprehensive critiques of… Continue reading How Long Do You Want Me To Be Scared?

Do You Have To Read A Friend’s Book?

From Slate: No. One cannot just go around reading the books of friends and acquaintances. The exceptions to this rule are few and obvious—looking at a draft to give constructive criticism, searching for thinly veiled gossip, so on. The sound reasons for obeying the rule are many and various. Like, what if the book turns out to… Continue reading Do You Have To Read A Friend’s Book?

I Hate The Sun, and We Have to Save America From It.

In 2007, Slate inaugurated the A Fine Whine column, in which a Slate writer lets fly at some (usually petty) annoyance for a couple of pages. It came infrequently at first, but its been appearing more and more often lately, and, at the risk of imitating what’s bugging me, it’s starting to make my back teeth itch.… Continue reading I Hate The Sun, and We Have to Save America From It.

Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

My review of Jim Murdoch’s novel Milligan and Murphy is up on the Dactyl Review site. Given that my review is mixed, I must say that Mr. Murdoch is an awfully good sport. Nerds everywhere are busy analyzing every pixel of the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer as if it were the Zapruder film. They needn’t bother. Based on what… Continue reading Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

Dudes and Doubitability

Reading Rebecca Watson’s Slate article on sexism and sexual harassment in the skeptical community depressed me this morning. (And with a cold coming on and a car in the shop, I wasn’t in the market for anything more to be depressed about.) I don’t consider myself a member of the skeptic community, or indeed, of… Continue reading Dudes and Doubitability

The Missing Liberal Canon

A Slate article by Beverly Gage with the unfortunate headline “Why Is There No Liberal Ayn Rand?” crossed my sight earlier today, inspiring the question “Why should anyone wish for one?” But the article’s actual question is a better one. Conservatives tend to cite a fairly narrow range of texts that sum up their philosophy… Continue reading The Missing Liberal Canon