42 after ’71 (Final Part)

Here’s the last installment of my forty-two favorite movies since 1971. (I was born in 1971 and I’m 42 years old, see…) Here are parts one, two, and three. 32. Blazing Saddles: I recently caught an episode of the Rockford Files that costarred Cleavon Little (RIP James Garner, by the way). Cleavon didn’t do a lot… Continue reading 42 after ’71 (Final Part)

Movies of the Weekend

Seen this weekend: Panic (2000): William H. Macy plays a hit man whose visit to a psychologist puts him in direct conflict with his capo father, played by Donald Sutherland. It’s a story about a man trying desperately to escape one part of his life, organized crime, while maintaining some connection to his family life,… Continue reading Movies of the Weekend

Speaking of Riffing

I’ve cut together a collection of some of my favorite riffs from my and Larry’s adventures in 1950s era short films. These movies tell us a lot about mid-century America. What comes through most is what weird mama-jamas people were back then, seeing heads in cups of coffee and dropping nuclear bombs on tract homes… Continue reading Speaking of Riffing

The Ten Essential MST3K Episodes

Last week, the AVClub came up with their list of the ten essential episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. And while I liked the episodes they listed, my list differs enough that I felt compelled to share. My picks had to meet three criteria: they’re funny on their own, accessible to newcomers, and bring us to… Continue reading The Ten Essential MST3K Episodes