The Obersalzberg On Film

Adolf Hitler and his secret mistress, Eva Braun, spent a great deal of time at the Berghof, Hitler’s retreat at the Obersalzberg. I’ve posted at length about the place here, but I neglected to include in that post this color film, taken by Eva Braun, which shows Hitler, the Berghof, the Kehlsteinhaus, and several leading Nazi… Continue reading The Obersalzberg On Film

Philipp Bouhler, Hitler’s Mailman

In the news yesterday was a story about a bell still in active use in Austria that was dedicated to Adolf Hitler. A rare find today, such things were common during the Third Reich, when towns all through Germany and Austria sent requests in to Hitler’s private chancellery for him to lend his name to… Continue reading Philipp Bouhler, Hitler’s Mailman