Who Cares About Literary Likeability?

From the L.A. Times: In a widely circulated interview with Publishers Weekly, writer Claire Messud was asked if she would want to be friends with the protagonist of her new novel, “The Woman Upstairs.” She responded with frustration: “For heaven’s sake, what kind of question is that? Would you want to be friends with Humbert Humbert?” Her… Continue reading Who Cares About Literary Likeability?

The Lingering Pleasure of Ambiguity

Lee Rourke, editor of 3AM, on the pleasure of the ambiguous ending: It’s no surprise that most novels are ruined by their forced “endings”; by our collective desire for them to conclude in an orderly fashion, so that we can get on with our lives after we have closed the book (yes, The Road, I’m looking at… Continue reading The Lingering Pleasure of Ambiguity