42 after ’71 (Final Part)

Here’s the last installment of my forty-two favorite movies since 1971. (I was born in 1971 and I’m 42 years old, see…) Here are parts one, two, and three. 32. Blazing Saddles: I recently caught an episode of the Rockford Files that costarred Cleavon Little (RIP James Garner, by the way). Cleavon didn’t do a lot… Continue reading 42 after ’71 (Final Part)

What Are My Ten Favorite Film Comedies?

Over at Mother Jones, Kevin Drum listed his top movie comedies, prefacing the list by saying, “They say you can tell more about a person by what he laughs at than by what he cries at.” I’m not sure who “they” are, or if “they” are right, but I’ll list my top ten, in no particular… Continue reading What Are My Ten Favorite Film Comedies?

The Missing Liberal Canon

A Slate article by Beverly Gage with the unfortunate headline “Why Is There No Liberal Ayn Rand?” crossed my sight earlier today, inspiring the question “Why should anyone wish for one?” But the article’s actual question is a better one. Conservatives tend to cite a fairly narrow range of texts that sum up their philosophy… Continue reading The Missing Liberal Canon