No. Hitler Was Not A Genius

Over last weekend, I became embroiled in a conversation about Adolf Hitler–an occupational hazard–that included this question, directed at me, “Do you think Hitler was a genius?” No. To revise and extend my answer, I’ll concede that Adolf Hitler was a man with some superlative features. His capacity for hatred knew no bounds. He was… Continue reading No. Hitler Was Not A Genius

The Day Hitler Became Chancellor

80 years ago yesterday, Adolf Hitler, the strange Austrian who headed a movement that combined violent thugs with some of Germany’s leading industrialists, was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany. His method for achieving this was indicative of the way Hitler had always and would always confront the problems facing him: he gambled everything. The… Continue reading The Day Hitler Became Chancellor

The Goebbels Diaries

The quote in the last post from Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels on the Louis/Schmeling fight was one I remembered from The Goebbels Experiment, a documentary made by First Run Features (who also gave us The Architecture of Doom, which I’ve talked about elsewhere). I haven’t done a profile of Goebbels for this blog, primarily because he played no… Continue reading The Goebbels Diaries

A Tale of Two Artists

As with many other things during the 1930s, the Nazi effort to bring the arts under their control was hamstrung  by the turf wars that various state and party organs fought and a lack of agreement on the part of state actors on what constituted good Nazi art. Aside from those areas in which Hitler… Continue reading A Tale of Two Artists