Nazism and Conspiracy Theory

Our lords and masters became our lords and masters through conspiracy…and the odd murder. The only way they can justify that to themselves, since they don’t want to think of themselves as greedy, power hungry bastards, is to imagine that they have to conspire because there’s a much larger conspiracy trying to destroy them. The… Continue reading Nazism and Conspiracy Theory

The Nazi Concentration Camp System

There was a common saying in Germany in the 1930s, “Lieber Gott, mach mich dumm, damit ich nicht nach Dachau kumm” (Dear God, make me dumb, that I might not to Dachau come.” KZ Dachau and its descendant camps were the Nazis’ principal instrument of intimidation for anyone regarded as a threat to the Nazi… Continue reading The Nazi Concentration Camp System

From Kripo to SiPo, the Nazification of German Detectives

The Kriminalpolitzei, known as Kripo, was the German equivalent of the British CID. It began in Prussia in the 1790s with six plainclothes detectives tasked to investigate serious crimes. Over the 19th century, the Kripo expanded until all major cities in Germany had a branch. While the Kripo had units tasked to investigate political crimes, Kripo detectives… Continue reading From Kripo to SiPo, the Nazification of German Detectives

Wilhelm Frick: The Man Who Nazified Germany

Frick was many things to the Nazi party. As one of their earliest members of parliament he drafted legislation which would eventually become the Nuremberg Laws. Frick was also the first Nazi granted a ministerial post. In 1930, he became the Minister of Education and Minister of Interior for the German state of Thuringia. There,… Continue reading Wilhelm Frick: The Man Who Nazified Germany