The Obersalzberg On Film

Adolf Hitler and his secret mistress, Eva Braun, spent a great deal of time at the Berghof, Hitler’s retreat at the Obersalzberg. I’ve posted at length about the place here, but I neglected to include in that post this color film, taken by Eva Braun, which shows Hitler, the Berghof, the Kehlsteinhaus, and several leading Nazi… Continue reading The Obersalzberg On Film

Happy Campers of the Third Reich

Shorpy dug up this Heinrich Hoffmann photo of Hitler Youth on a camping excursion from 1938. Smiles and swastikas are an uneasy mix at best. Hoffmann, incidentally, was Adolf Hitler’s personal photographer and a fixture on the Obersalzberg. He was also the one-man jury for the annual Great German Art Exhibitions in Munich. One of… Continue reading Happy Campers of the Third Reich

Emmy Göring: First Lady of the Third Reich

In the middle 1930s, Adolf Hitler was romantically involved–inasmuch as he was capable of romantic involvement–with Eva Braun, the former assistant to his court photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann. But Hitler’s relationship with Braun was a closely guarded secret among the Nazi hierarchy. Goebbels thought that Hitler’s appeal to women was greater if they believed him single,… Continue reading Emmy Göring: First Lady of the Third Reich