Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

A couple of days ago I did the Jeopardy Online Test. I most likely passed, but I’d be a damned sight happier if I hadn’t vapor locked on the Oscar Wilde question. History tells us that when Europeans forget how to stop pursuing policies that have no chance of working, things get ugly. (Not that… Continue reading Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

Should Podcasts Be Reviewed?

“You shouldn’t review podcasts because no one gets paid for them.” So say the embittered subjects of an Onion AV Club Podmass review, employing an argument that gets credit for novelty, if nothing else. The logic of this is that critics function as a kind of consumer watchdog, preventing people from wasting their money on… Continue reading Should Podcasts Be Reviewed?

AVClub’s 10 Essential Trek Episodes

I quibbled a bit, actually a lot, with their list of MST3K episodes, but the only complaint I have about the AVClub’s Star Trek list is the inclusion of the Season 3 episode “Spock’s Brain”, an episode I haven’t seen since high school and haven’t missed. If Zach Handlen were to compose a list of… Continue reading AVClub’s 10 Essential Trek Episodes

The Ten Essential MST3K Episodes

Last week, the AVClub came up with their list of the ten essential episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. And while I liked the episodes they listed, my list differs enough that I felt compelled to share. My picks had to meet three criteria: they’re funny on their own, accessible to newcomers, and bring us to… Continue reading The Ten Essential MST3K Episodes

Evil Developers Threaten Something Dancing Teens Love…zzzzzz

The upcoming movie Step Up 4 tells the story of a group of teen dancers who…take a guess…stage a big dance number to save their neighborhood from the predations of a developer. Most bad movies are bad in the same way. Bad horror movies almost always need someone get killed by investigating a scary noise, preferably just… Continue reading Evil Developers Threaten Something Dancing Teens Love…zzzzzz