My Answers To 31 Questions For Atheists

Steve Shives put me on to this series of questions for atheists by apologist Matt Slick. (Unfortunate name, I know, but let’s try not to hold that against him.).  I’ve done this before, with a series from Today’s Christian. Slick’s list of questions, 31 in all, is more involved, though some of the questions strike… Continue reading My Answers To 31 Questions For Atheists

Did Today’s Christian’s “10 Questions For Every Atheist” Stump Me?

I’m very much not a regular reader of Today’s Christian. In fact, I’d never heard of it until Steve Shives provided his own answers to the titular 10 questions. But, since their questions elicited strong and interesting responses from him, I thought I’d take a crack at them in my own time. Originally these answers were… Continue reading Did Today’s Christian’s “10 Questions For Every Atheist” Stump Me?

Dear Richard Dawkins,

Professor Dawkins, It pains me a little writing this. As a fellow atheist, I respect the work you’ve done promulgating atheist thought through your books and lectures. That you’ve chosen to absorb the attacks of religious zealots of all kinds makes me glad you’re here, and equally glad I’m not you. But when it comes to… Continue reading Dear Richard Dawkins,

How Long Do You Want Me To Be Scared?

Accorting to Slate, Michael Robbins’s Slate book review of Atheists: The Origin of the Species is one of Slate‘s more circulated articles, probably because few subjects (except porn) drive traffic as much as atheist trolling. (Maybe atheist trolling porn… Excuse me, I’ve got to open a new Bluehost account.) I’ll leave it to others to produce more comprehensive critiques of… Continue reading How Long Do You Want Me To Be Scared?

The Ordeal of Alexander Aan

I’ve been going on a bit lately about the Knox case and the mistakes that led to her and her former boyfriend’s becoming unwilling cast members in the world’s longest running legal farce. But its important to remember that there are two categories of wrongful imprisonment: the imprisonment of those falsely accused of committing real… Continue reading The Ordeal of Alexander Aan

Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

To take my mind off of mounting car repair bills, here’s what I’m pondering: Tom Tomorrow encapsulates almost everything that bothered me about the first J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie. True, much of this territory has been explored before, but it’s good to have it all in one place. Atheism’s growing pains, as a political movement. I… Continue reading Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?