Just Who Is Trump Anyway?

  The strange, orange man giving a prime time speech tonight has been described in many ways. To his fans, he’s a brilliant businessman, a winner, a smart negotiator, a populist, “one of us”. To most other people he’s a bigot, a misogynist, a fraud, a charlatan, a pathological narcissist, a sociopath. You can guess… Continue reading Just Who Is Trump Anyway?

The Week in Weak

Here are the weakest things that caught my attention this week. Getting too Happy That Trump Lost A Slate piece captures the attitude: “Donald Trump Lost the Iowa Caucus. Good job, America.” Man, don’t be patting America, or at least the 150,000 or so very white people in it who voted their preference for Ted… Continue reading The Week in Weak

The Obersalzberg On Film

Adolf Hitler and his secret mistress, Eva Braun, spent a great deal of time at the Berghof, Hitler’s retreat at the Obersalzberg. I’ve posted at length about the place here, but I neglected to include in that post this color film, taken by Eva Braun, which shows Hitler, the Berghof, the Kehlsteinhaus, and several leading Nazi… Continue reading The Obersalzberg On Film

What Should Germany Do With Mein Kampf?

Yesterday, the U.S. Holocaust museum held a Twitter chat about the impending emergence of Hitler’s manifesto Mein Kampf from copyright and what the former owners, the city of Munich in particular and Germany in general, ought to do now that they can no longer easily inhibit its publication. My answer: they should let it be published.… Continue reading What Should Germany Do With Mein Kampf?

No. Hitler Was Not A Genius

Over last weekend, I became embroiled in a conversation about Adolf Hitler–an occupational hazard–that included this question, directed at me, “Do you think Hitler was a genius?” No. To revise and extend my answer, I’ll concede that Adolf Hitler was a man with some superlative features. His capacity for hatred knew no bounds. He was… Continue reading No. Hitler Was Not A Genius

Nazism and Conspiracy Theory

Our lords and masters became our lords and masters through conspiracy…and the odd murder. The only way they can justify that to themselves, since they don’t want to think of themselves as greedy, power hungry bastards, is to imagine that they have to conspire because there’s a much larger conspiracy trying to destroy them. The… Continue reading Nazism and Conspiracy Theory

Manifesto By Strange, Sullen, Hectoring Twit Is An International Bestseller

Yes, we’re talking about Mein Kampf, apparently one of the bestselling political books of the year. B-School grads in India are expected to have devoured its lessons in business management. (Curious, considering how Hitler’s strange management style and irrational decision making made Germany a ruined international pariah in only twelve years.) And in the US its… Continue reading Manifesto By Strange, Sullen, Hectoring Twit Is An International Bestseller