Poison Pen Letters

Through a former classmate, I came upon Michelle Hoover’s take on the controversy surrounding William Giraldi’s nasty review of Alix Ohlin’s books, which fits into a larger conversation about whether reviewers have become cheerleaders or whether reviewers should feel free to vent their spleens on authors they dislike. Should reviewers try to serve the book… Continue reading Poison Pen Letters

Dismantle the Sun, My Debut Novel, is Out

It took ten years, ten months and an odd number of days from inception of the project to this point, but Booktrope Press has released my debut novel, Dismantle the Sun in paperback. An ebook edition should arrive in the coming days. From the back cover: Set against a landscape of snow and spiritual exhaustion, Dismantle the… Continue reading Dismantle the Sun, My Debut Novel, is Out

Should Podcasts Be Reviewed?

“You shouldn’t review podcasts because no one gets paid for them.” So say the embittered subjects of an Onion AV Club Podmass review, employing an argument that gets credit for novelty, if nothing else. The logic of this is that critics function as a kind of consumer watchdog, preventing people from wasting their money on… Continue reading Should Podcasts Be Reviewed?

AVClub’s 10 Essential Trek Episodes

I quibbled a bit, actually a lot, with their list of MST3K episodes, but the only complaint I have about the AVClub’s Star Trek list is the inclusion of the Season 3 episode “Spock’s Brain”, an episode I haven’t seen since high school and haven’t missed. If Zach Handlen were to compose a list of… Continue reading AVClub’s 10 Essential Trek Episodes

The Missing Liberal Canon

A Slate article by Beverly Gage with the unfortunate headline “Why Is There No Liberal Ayn Rand?” crossed my sight earlier today, inspiring the question “Why should anyone wish for one?” But the article’s actual question is a better one. Conservatives tend to cite a fairly narrow range of texts that sum up their philosophy… Continue reading The Missing Liberal Canon

I Viddied It On A Stream: How To Steal A Million

Although my default mode in public is to be the guy in the corner whose every look says I only came here to count the seconds until I can leave, I understand the benefits that charm and a breezy manner can bestow. If I found myself in need of a reminder, however, I could always… Continue reading I Viddied It On A Stream: How To Steal A Million