Fiction Discussion Wednesday—The Lottery

I decided to pick this story because of a discussion with my host here on Whidbey Island on the appeal of horror fiction. I talked about how horror, at its best, lets us grapple with the darkest implications of our political, social, and philosophical ideas. I used “The Lottery” which has in it a wealth of critiques of received wisdom, the romanticization of rural American values, and the inability of those who adhere to a shared moral framework to see beyond it (even if their lives depend on it). If you haven’t read it, read it here, then head on into the comments to discuss. I’ll be at rehearsal for most of the day, but I’ll pop in when I can. (This may also lead to a delay in comment approval, for the next couple of days at least. Sorry. We’re opening The Winter’s Tale at ISF this weekend, so please be patient on that front.)

So, read, think, comment below.

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