Notes on “Your Time On Earth Is Finished”

This is the first published story in this group that depicts the actual making of Howard Zez’s Dope Dealers From Outer SpaceI should say that although I’ve been involved in productions where the atmosphere was toxic–not in the Harvey Weinstein sense but more in the Verbally Abusive Asshole Who’s Forgotten He Isn’t Paying Me sense–none of what happens between Zez and his actors here has ever happened to me.

I have, however, heard about it. Zez’s giving Trish direction through her co-star because he’s mad at her, and Zez’s angrily shooing away passers-by who wander into his shot come from Whitney Moore’s descriptions of her experiences working on Birdemic: Shock and TerrorAs for the Allen Stubbins, the inspiration for him was Harvey Keitel’s Auggie Wren character from the movie Smoke.

That’s all. Go read the story. Come back here and leave a comment, or go on Twitter and say something to me, when you’re done.

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