If Davis Moves To Vegas My New Team Will Be…

gbp1The Green Bay Packers.

The sleaze surrounding the Las Vegas Stadium is too much for me. If the Raiders are in it, I’m out. I’ll always be a fan of the Oakland/LA Raiders. I’ll hold them dear in my heart. But moving to Vegas means a vampire sired them and a demon has taken over their body. Adelson somehow, and I’m sure the exact means contained in “somehow” will keep investigative reporters busy long after Adelson becomes a floating head in a jar, got the Nevada State Legislature to ignore the question that Nevadans (the people they supposedly represent) have been asking since jump: why should a guy worth $28 billion, who can buy Las Vegas’s newspaper just to stifle criticism and give himself an outlet for his press releases, get public money for his building?

The Packers are an old and venerable franchise. The city of Green Bay owns them, so there’ll never be any hostage-taking for stadium funds. They’re fun to watch, and Vince Lombardi has a progressive history every bit as impressive as Al Davis’s.


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