Is This Raiders-To-Vegas Sleazefest Going To Kill My Fandom?

It seems almost cosmically unfair.

The Raiders might, with a little luck, break the 8-8 barrier for the first time since they lost the Super Bowl in 2002, yet I feel hollow. Why?


Raiders Stadium Backers To Las Vegas: Give Us $750 Million, Or Else

And this.

Report: Sheldon Adelson Up To Some Shady Shit On Las Vegas Raiders Stadium

I’ve never thought much of Mark Davis. I figured he was like what would have happened if Don Corleone had only had one son: Fredo. There’s a reason why Al never gave him a substantial job with the Raiders (and fired him from the token job he did have). Still, idiot children often inherit family businesses, and I didn’t think he could ruin the team for me.

But now Davis has gotten mixed up with epic sleaze puppy Sheldon Adelson, who’s using him to shake down the State of Nevada for $750 million. (Though this is a record figure in the world of stadium public finance, Adelson is worth an estimated $28 billion dollars. This money is just a touch above rounding error territory for him, but he’d still like it if Nevada gave it to him for free.) Adelson actually bought Vegas’s newspaper just so he could keep the nasty games he was playing to get this money out of the press (and to pick up some intel on political opponents).

I’ve been a Raider fan since my dad brought back a Raider pennant from a trip in 1976. I thought Al Davis was a great owner and a progressive force in league circles, but can I continue to root for a team that’s trying to bilk a city out of three quarters of a billion dollars in tax money? Can I root for a team in business with the despicable, Trump endorsing Sheldon Adelson?

Please, Ronnie Lott, solve my dilemma and buy the team.


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