Dr. Kritzinger Sails Into History

Today, we wrapped Dr. Kritzinger’s 12 O’Clock. I just got back from strike. It’s never fun to say goodbye to people after a show, but that’s life in the theatre.

These last few weeks have been some of the best I’ve had. Working with so many smart, high-spirited, funny, and talented people to bring a show of mine to life has reminded me of why I love this work. My most profound thanks to Maggie and Eric, Gavin, Eileen, Chris, Tim, Jessica, Byron, Greg, Erica, Jim, Jeff, Leah, and Didi. I hope you all thought the game was worth the candle.

P.S. I’m told Burien Actors Theatre will be putting up a video of our penultimate show on Youtube at some point soon. When that happens, I’ll link to it here.

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