Early Take On Tommy Wiseau’s “The Neighbors”

I have borne witness to episode 1 of Tommy Wiseau’s–well…I guess we must use the word sitcom–The Neighbors. I’ll expound further when I do a video on it, but these are my notes.

–Like The RoomThe Neighbors is a window into the strange mind of Tommy Wiseau.

–Unfortunately, The Neighbors isn’t nearly as fun to watch as The Room. In struggling to understand why, I keep coming back to the idea that The Room is Tommy Wiseau’s view of the world (which is disturbingly funny), while The Neighbors is Tommy Wiseau’s view of what’s funny (which is just disturbing).

–Racial stereotypes and sexism abound.

–This is the second work in Wiseau’s oeuvre that refers in some way to chickens. I’m not sure what Wiseau’s deal is with chickens, and I’m afraid he might tell me.

–Wiseau is the most interesting thing in The Room and the least interesting thing in The Neighbors–which is an achievement because there’s nothing legitimately interesting in The Neighbors.

–Wiseau needs to either upgrade his microphones or choose a shooting location with less reverb. The show sounded like it was recorded in a parking garage.

–Wiseau should know that whatever wig he sticks on his cratered pate, he’s still Wiseau.

–The male gaze at women in bikinis is often icky enough; knowing the male doing the gazing is Tommy Wiseau will push many viewers into therapy.

Source: MMIP Riffs

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