The State of the Blog Tour, Week 6

So, there was an interview and a review. The review was from Omnimystery News. Here’s an excerpt:

OMN: Suppose The Summer of Long Knives is adapted for television or film, and you’re asked to assist with casting. Whose agents are you calling?
JS: Okay … in this scenario I’ve presumably been paid millions of dollars, so I’ll entertain the fantasy:

Kriminalkommissar Rolf Wundt: Christian Bale
Dr. Klara Wundt: Tilda Swinton
Anika Wagner: Mila Kunis
Kriminaldirektor Helmut Brüning: Pierce Brosnan
Hauptstürmführer Weissengel: Ben Whishaw
Joachim Epp: John Hawkes

Of course, it’s one thing to play fantasy casting director, quite another to see how these actors all fit together as an ensemble.

OMN: Create a Top 5 list for us on any topic.

JS: Top 5 Films Related To The Rise or Fall of the Third Reich:

1. Der Untergang (Downfall);
2. Cabaret;
3. Conspiracy (HBO film);
4. Escape from Sobibor; and
5. Schindler’s List.

And there was one review, courtesy the From the TBR File Blog. The author, it seemed, didn’t enjoy the book.

There won’t be anything until November 2nd. One last review. Gains will be counted, wounds licked, and lives moved on.

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