Summer of Long Knives Blog Tour Week 3 Recap

Sorry for my lateness on this. I’d been holding for Sara’s Organized Chaos’s review, which was supposed to come out on Friday, but it seems that life has intervened in a way that requires me to say congratulations to her and her family. So, Sara, for whatever it’s worth from me, congrats and take your time.

So there were two reviews of Summer from last week, one from Julz Reads and one from Back Porchervations.

Julz’s review goes first:

This is not a light or easy read. The prose is rather dense, as there are so many complexities to consider in the case and in Rolf’s life. But it is well written with very clever uses of language, dialogue, and imagery. There are great literary and historical references (including the killer from The Devil in the White City). The somewhat plodding narrative is well worth it for the escalation of the conclusion.


And here’s Back Porchervations:

The Summer of Long Knives is not for the faint of heart.  This isn’t ‘Scooby-Doo vs The Third Reich’.  It’s more like “Disgusting Crime and (Lack of) Punishment”.  If you have any compassion, this book will make you angry, and scared – but in the best possible way, especially if it motivates you  the next time you see someone being mistreated.
Put this book on your TBR list.  To aid in getting it off your TBR list and into your head, I’ll hold a random drawing on October 8th (one week from today) for one e-copy of The Summer of Long Knives for anyone commenting on this post.
So if you want to get a free e-book copy of Summer and don’t want to spend money, bop on over to Back Porchervations and leave a comment. You have until the 8th.
There’ll be two reviews and another giveaway coming up this week. Based on what I’ve seen on Goodreads I expect the reviews to be guardedly positive. We’ll see.

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