The 42 Worst Movies Made Since I Was Born

From Over at the MMIP Riffs site, a full list. Here’s a sample:

Omen III: The Final Conflict: The first Omen movie made almost zero sense, but it had a neat high concept hook: “Pop quiz, Cochise: Your child may be the son of Satan. What do you do? What do you do?” And with Richard Donner’s direction, the flick was fast paced enough that audiences didn’t have much time to ponder the plot holes. Sadly, Damien Omen 2 spoiled this by basically repeating all the plot holes at a slower pace to make sure we got them. The Final Conflicts pace is so slow that we not only see the plot holes, we get to build houses in them. Damien’s now an adult, and a bunch of priests have gotten the seven magic daggers that can kill him. The priests decide to take the killing of Damien on themselves rather then get mobsters or mercs or Navy Seals to do the deed. Their lack of a credible challenge to the Prince of Evil means their assassination events range from boring to unintentionally funny. (Honestly, why do you show Damien the dagger when you’re still twenty yards out of stabbing range? Do you think he’s just going to stand there and let you kill him?) When Damien finally does buy it, it’s because his killer finally does the sensible thing: she sneaks up behind him.

Read it all. S’fun.

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