Judging A Book By Its Cover

I don’t know too much about Lion and Leopard, the book I just received from Dactyl Review, but I do know this. The cover is damn handsome.

I’ll be reviewing this for them sometime in the next few weeks. You’ll hear about that in this space, I promise.

ANCILLARY MATTER: Dactyl decided that the review someone else wrote of my first book, Dismantle the Sun, didn’t meet their guidelines. (It didn’t really. The review was too short, and I’m not sure the guy who wrote it met their eligibility requirements.) Anyway, it’s open for review once again, so, if you’ve published a book-length work of literary fiction and want to review DTS–and in doing so make yourself eligible for a review of one of your books on Dactyl Reviewcontact them and they’ll arrange for a free copy. Or just let me know directly. I’ll arrange for the review copy, and you can submit your review to them this way. Whatever works for you.




One thought on “Judging A Book By Its Cover

  1. Hi Jim. I read the review of Dismantle the Sun, by Mr. Levi, but it doesn’t deal with HOW the novel is written, just what it seems to be saying about dying. I am new to Dactyl Review, but get the idea that they want reviewers to stress technique over content or attitude. I have written a novel about Job — Job: The Cornerstone of the Universe — which will be published within a few months by Rocks Mills Press. It occurred to me that we could trade reviews. Until now, I have self-published. In the meantime, perhaps you could check my website. (www.johnpassfield.ca) If you see a novel there that you would like to review — as a trade for Dismantle the Sun — let me know. I am designing the poetic novel for our time: not fancy words but the juxtaposition of prose passages which demand interpretation, in terms of the thought-sparks which leap between them. Think of Eliot’s The Waste Land as a novel of 50,000 words. Let me know if you want to trade reviews. — John Passfield


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