Any Good German Translators Out There?

Over at the Goodreads Summer of Long Knives discussion thread, my reader Lilo is telling us all about a book called Pfaffenhofen unterm Hakenkreuz (Pfaffenhoffen under the Twisted Cross.), a work of nonfiction by a local historian about how the rise of Nazism affected this small town near Munich. Lilo, who knows the author from way back, is trying to convince him to have an English translation done, and I wanted to see if anyone reading this has the chops for it.  If so, leave a comment here, on Facebook, or on Twitter, and let us know about your interest in such a project.

(Bear in mind that I’m not really offering a job here. That’s up to the author and/or any publisher who might pay the freight. I’m just trying to connect potentially interested parties.)


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