My Old Short Stories Come To Life Again on Wattpad

I’ve got a fair sized collection of published short stories that haven’t been seen in ages and would be a pain to collect. (My friend Neil actually has copies of a lot of these stories, in manuscript form, in a box, but I don’t think he’ll let you visit to have a look.) Anyway, I thought I’d give them new life through Wattpad. Now you’ll be able to access older, published works of mine–which’ll probably be new to you–either on your desktop or through the Wattpad app.

A short story I did for MAKE a few years ago is now up for your amusement. They asked me who I thought should play the characters in it. I think Nick Offerman would be perfect for Stalin.

Anyway, check it out, and follow me so you’ll know when I’ve put up other stories.

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