Is “Battle of the Year” The Next Crap Classic?

The AVClub doesn’t just throw the F grades around, but they did for the new dance flick, Battle of the Year:

Too incompetent to work as an underdog dance flick, but not nearly weird enough to qualify as howling camp, Battle Of The Year is destined to please only bad movie buffs desperate for a fix of awful dialogue, blatant product placement, and clunky exposition. However, pure badness is an acquired taste; viewers who don’t find lines like “I went to a concert and I overheard some high-school kids saying that B-boying is no longer cool” inherently funny should probably stay away.

Hmm. It’s not as pithy an expression of badness as “Drop that zero, and get with the hero.” or “Stronger, you see? You see?!? Your stupid minds! Stupid! Stupid!” But it does hint at the kind of earnest cluelessness that only the great bad directors achieve.

There is hope.

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