The School For Nazi Wives

According to the International Business Tribune, the Nazis ran a school for SS brides:

Documents found in Germany’s Federal Archive uncovered a program designed to turn young women into perfect Nazi wives, with rules on how to cook, sew, iron, breed children and also worship Der Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler. According to report in Britain’s Daily Mail tabloid, these “bride schools” in Nazi Germany were run by Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, the leader of the NS-Frauenschaft (National Socialist Women’s League), and a close friend of top Nazi official and SS chief, Heinrich Himmler.

Scholtz-Klink’s schools were attended by girlfriends and fiancées of SS officers and other Nazi functionaries, who were instructed in the basics of “washing, cooking, childcare and home design.”  They also received training in how to entertain at cocktail parties and proper topics of conversation. They were also taught to “special knowledge of race and genetics.” Himmler wanted the schools to produce ideal German wives in order to guarantee a “strong family life to create a strong, pure nation.”  He viewed women principally as breeders who would continue to create Aryan children for the future of the Reich.

A word of caution: this story relies on a report from Britain’s Daily Mail, a source so unreliable that I’d demand independent confirmation if one of their stories claimed the name of their paper is The Daily Mail. Still, the existence of such an institution would generally fit in with Nazi social policies.

You can read my exegesis on Nazi Marriage here.

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