Oh, The People I Meet

One of the advantages of being on social media is occasionally interacting with people who’ve amazed you from afar. A few weeks ago on Twitter, I was able to hip Michael McKean to the story of Albert Goering, and this week, a chance retweet led to a follow and exchange with Barry Crimmins, comic and raconteur. I’ve been a fan of his since high school, when I caught him–I think–on an HBO special that also included Jimmy Tingle, Will Durst, and Randy Credico. My frequent use of the phrase “lucky special magic reasons” in conversation comes from Crimmins, and his bit on the Iran Contra affair has proven useful in summarizing that twisted little scandal for my U.S. History students.

One of Crimmins’s CDs from a 1991 show is available free online. Check it out here. (Kids under thirty, get your parents to fill you in on the names.)

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