Win A Signed Manuscript Copy of Summer of Long Knives

First off, there were no winners for So Over It #22. The answer is N. Sheffield Avenue in Chicago. The rooftops overlook Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.

The next contest is something very special. As you are about to know, Summer of Long Knives, my next novel, will be coming out in September. But the person who wins this contest won’t have to wait until the fall to uncover its secrets, because the prize for this contest is the actual manuscript I used for line-by-line edits, including all my handwritten marks and notes.

How do you enter and win. Well, all you have to do is answer the trivia questions in the embedded contest player below. (Thanks, Sporcle.) The player with the most correct answers by midnight, July 22nd, wins the manuscript. Each player can play only once. (No cheating please. It’s so boring.) In the event of a tie, there’ll be a second, 20 question tiebreaker. If we’re still tied, another 20 questions, and so on, until the tie is broken. (Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that.)

I do have one request of the winner. Enjoy the manuscript, but please don’t spoil the ending. I took great pains to include a lot of twists and surprises in Summer of Long Knives, and revealing them prematurely would be unkind, wouldn’t you agree? Good. On with the game.

Tip: If you don’t see the quiz above, refresh the page. It should show up. If it doesn’t, leave a note in comments.

Update: I’m still learning how Sporcle handles its scoring data. Problem: I can’t see the scores of individual players unless they’re signed into Sporcle. Solution: rather than requiring all players to get Sporcle accounts, I’ll instead require that all players report their scores in the comments section of this blog once they’ve finished the quiz. While players can feel free to tweet their scores or announce them on Facebook, there’s no guarantee that I’ll see them there. So report your scores on this blog’s comment section to be eligible for the prize.

Thanks, and once again, good luck. We’re all counting on you.


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