So Over It Contest #22: No Clues This Time Edition

No winner for #21. The answer is the Debbie Reynolds Theater in North Hollywood. It was there in 1995 that I met stage and screen legend Debbie Reynolds.


I was hanging out with my friends, Larry and Dennis after Dennis’s acting class on the porch outside the front doors of the Debbie Reynolds Theater. We saw a woman carrying a box approaching the doors from inside. We opened the door and found that the woman was Debbie Reynolds. She told us there were two more boxes that needed moving and asked if we could help. We did so, taking the boxes from the office to her Mercedes. We put the supplies in her trunk. She thanked us, and off she drove. I’m proud that we all managed to keep it together and only plotzed when she had left the parking lot and vanished from sight.

Yep, I helped one of the biggest stars of the past half century run an errand.

It was so cool.

On to the next contest. Name the place before anyone else does and win an ebook copy of Dismantle the Sun. So far you guys are 3-18. Can we start a winning streak?

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 6.47.45 PM


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